Choosing Classes for 2017-2018

Beginning the first week in January, Piner counselors will be meeting with every student to choose classes for the 2017-2018 school year.

January 9th-13th                           8th grade meetings at all Piner feeder schools.

January 16th-January 31st         9th-11th grade meetings.

February 3rd                                 Final day to submit course/class requests to counselors.

All requests for classes from students are due by February 3rd.  Except for the reasons stated below, students will not be able to change their schedules after choosing classes in the spring semester. Exceptions include:

  1. Students placed in the wrong class level.  For Example:  a freshman placed in senior English.
  2. Students who selected a class in the spring and then passed the class  over the summer,  may make a schedule change in the fall within the first 3 weeks of the fall semester.
  3. ECM students may be able to change their JC class period in the fall (within the first 3 weeks) if they were not able to get their desired classes during summer registration.
  4. Class Level Changes.  For Example:  AP English to Academic English.  Again, these changes may only be made within the first 3 weeks of the fall semester.
  5. Seniors may make a schedule change if they are not in a required class needed for graduation.