Financial Aid For Four and Two Year Colleges

Financial Aid in Three Easy Steps

Whether applying to a four year college, a junior college, or a vocational college after high school, follow the steps below to help pay for your education.  And remember…

  • No matter what anybody tells you, complete the F.A.F.S.A. (Free Application for Federal Student Ad)!  Not all financial aid is based upon income and all colleges want students, regardless of income levels, to complete this application so they can determine if a student might be eligible for scholarships or grants offered specifically at their campus.
  • There are programs for all students, including students from “high income” families.  That’s why colleges want all students to complete the FAFSA.
  • Many colleges provide Merit Scholarships.  Merit Scholarships are provided to students from all income levels and are solely based upon a student’s academic achievement.
  • Do not submit the FAFSA or Cal Grant applications until after January 1st.

Step 1:   Apply for all public (governmental) financial aid. This includes:

The F.A.F.S.A.     Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  This application is used for all federal grants, loans, scholarships, and work  study programs. Application deadline is March 2nd.  Applications are being accepted beginning October 1st.

The Cal Grant      The Cal Grant is a state sponsored program for students who will be attending a four year university or junior college after graduation from high school.  Application  deadline is March 2nd.  Do not submit the application until after January 1st.

The Doyle Scholarship  Students can now apply beginning October 1st for the SRJC Doyle Scholarship.

California Dream Act:

Step 2:    Apply for Piner Scholarships

Click on the “Piner Scholarships”   link above  to view Piner scholarships

Step 3:   Apply for Private Scholarships

Click on the “Financial Aid for College”  link above to view Private  scholarships.

Important Additional Information

Learn everything there is to know about Financial Aid! Follow the link below to the handbook “Fund Your Future.”  Fund Your Future is simply the best resource for students and families to learn about all forms of financial aid.

                Fund Your Future          

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