Graduation Requirements

  • All students must complete 220 credits in the subjects outlined below.
  • Unless stated otherwise, all courses must be yearlong. For example: a 10 credit requirement must be a yearlong course in the same subject.
  • The courses listed below are requirements  for graduation from high school. Students interested in attending a four year college immediately after high school should click on the College Planning  link above for specific college entrance requirements that are in addition to basic high school graduation requirements. 

English                          40 credits

Math                              20 credits                           10 of the credits must be Algebra or higher level of math.

Physical Science          10 credits

Biology                          10 credits

World History             10 credits

U.S. History                 10 credits

Government                  5 credits

Economics                     5 credits

Fine Arts                       10 credits                          Must be a yearlong class in the same subject.

World Language          10 credits                         Must be a yearlong class in the same subject.

PE                                   20 credits                         Completing a school sport can count for credit.  See your counselor for details.

Life Skills                        5 credits                          Waiver is available.  Pick up a waiver form from the main office.

Electives                        65 credits



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