Volunteer Opportunities


4-H Volunteer

The University of California Cooperative Extension(Sonoma County Branch) is looking for high school students to be volunteers for their after school programs for elementary kids.  Volunteers will act as mentors to elementary students in programs focusing on public speaking, arts, sports, and 4-H programs. Volunteers would work approximately once a week after school.  If interested, please contact….

Diego Mariscal…4-H Coordinator…707 565-2681

General Resources

College bound students who are interested in community service can volunteer in the following ways:

  • Volunteering through school activities such as Key Club, Mrs. Michael’s Spanish class, or any clubs that sponsor volunteer activities.
  • Volunteering at your church.
  • Volunteering in the community  through Community Based Organizations (links are listed below).

Students can  contact the following agencies in our community to volunteer:

  • Volunteer Center of Sonoma County.  Hundreds of volunteer opportunities in Sonoma County  from a well -established organization.


  • Volunteer Match. This website is a great way to find volunteer opportunities that are excellent for teens.  A wide variety of projects and services.







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